People & Job Opportunities

Participants in the MURI Center for Dynamic Magneto-Optics


Rand, Stephen[email protected]734-763-6810Dept. of El. Eng. & Comp. Science, 3102 ERB 1
Kim, Jinsang[email protected]734-936-4681Dept. of Materials Science, 133N NCRC
Laine, Richard[email protected]734-764-6203Dept. of Materials Science, 2114 HH Dow
Bloch, Anthony[email protected]734-647-4980Dept. of Mathematics, 4842 East Hall
Adams, Fred[email protected]734-647-4320Dept. of Physics, 3251 Randall Lab
Nori, Franco[email protected] Dept. of Physics, UM and RIKEN, Japan
Whitaker, John[email protected]734-763-1324Dept. of El. Eng. & Comp. Science, 232 ERB II
Heinz, Tony[email protected] 650-723-1810Dept. of Applied Physics, Stanford
Marks, Tobin[email protected] 847-491-5658Dept. of Chemistry, NWU
Ratner, Mark[email protected] 847-491-5652Dept. of Chemistry, NWU
Van Stryland, Eric[email protected] 407-823-6966College of Optics, UCF
Hagan, David[email protected] 407-823-6817College of Optics, UCF

Research Fellows

Anisimov, Petr[email protected]Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bliokh, Konstantin[email protected]RIKEN, Interdisciplinary Theoretical Science Research Group
Chakrabarty, Ayan[email protected]Washington University, Computer Science & Engineering
Dudnik, Alexander[email protected]Northwestern University, Chemistry
Kwon, Min Sang[email protected]University of Michigan, Materials Science & Engineering
Chandrahalim, Hengky[email protected]Air Force Institute of Technology, AFIT
Fisher, Alexander[email protected]Intel
Trinh, Tuan[email protected]University of Michigan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Makhal, Krishnandu[email protected]University of Michigan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ayesheshim, Ayeshesheim[email protected]University of Michigan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Salkeld, Alex[email protected]University of Michigan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Xiaoxiao Stanford University
Waldecker, Lutz Stanford University
Dudnik, Alexander Northwestern University
Yoon, Seong Jun[email protected]University of Michigan, Materials Science and Engineering

Students – Graduate

Dreyer, Elizabeth[email protected]University of Michigan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fisher, Alexander[email protected]University of Michigan, Applied Physics
Smith, Bradley[email protected]University of Michigan, Applied Physics
Shanker, Apoorv[email protected]University of Michigan, Materials Science & Engineering
Pan, David[email protected]University of Michigan, Materials Science & Engineering
Odykirk, Timothy[email protected]University of Michigan, Materials Science & Engineering
Gupta, Rohit[email protected]University of Michigan, Mathematics
Razavi, Hamed[email protected]University of Michigan, Mathematics
Lou, Alexander [email protected]Northwestern University, Chemistry
Li, Yilei [email protected]Columbia University, Physics
Shih, En-Min [email protected]Columbia University, Physics
Cheng, Long[email protected]University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering
Benis, Sepehr[email protected]University of Central Florida, CREOL
Smail, Gregory[email protected]University of Michigan, Applied Physics
Spitzfaden, Cameron[email protected]University of Michigan, Physics
Barr, Elyse Stanford University
Faryadras, Sanas University of Central Florida, CREOL
Yang, Da Seul[email protected]University of Michigan, Macromolecular Sci & Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

Students – Undergraduate

Chapman, James[email protected]University of Michigan, Engineering
Trembath-Reichert, Stephen[email protected]University of Michigan, Alumni
Stagg, Logan  
Knill, Joshua[email protected]University of Michigan, Physics
Ravan, Shantam[email protected]University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering

Job Opportunities

There are currently no job opportunities.