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Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The MURI Center for Dynamic Magneto-Optics (DYNAMO) at the University of Michigan is seeking a postdoctoral experimentalist to study intense magneto-optic nonlinearities of interest for energy conversion, Terahertz generation, and high frequency magnetism. Research at DYNAMO includes investigation of methods to convert light directly to THz radiation and electricity, to induce large magnetic fields in normally non-magnetic materials, and to explore connections between relativistic and non-relativistic magneto-optic phenomena. The successful candidate will be expected to lead an independent investigation assisted by graduate and undergraduate students on topics in nonlinear optics, coherent control, ultrafast spectroscopy, optical materials characterization (polymers, crystals, ceramics) and elastic light scattering. Candidates should have a PhD in physics, chemistry or electrical engineering and be familiar with mode-locked laser systems, ultrafast technology, photon-counting, high frequency electronics, electro-optics and computer interfacing. Start date may be as early as Fall 2017 but applications will be accepted until the position is filled for a one year appointment with possible extension. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and contact information for at least two references via email to Professor Stephen Rand, Director, MURI Center for Dynamic Magneto-Optics, 2200 Bonisteel Blvd. Room 3102 ERB1, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2099 (; ).

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Participants in the MURI Center for Dynamic Magneto-Optics


Name Email Phone Address
Rand, Stephen 734-763-6810 Dept. of El. Eng. & Comp. Science, 3102 ERB 1
Kim, Jinsang 734-936-4681 Dept. of Materials Science, 133N NCRC
Laine, Richard 734-764-6203 Dept. of Materials Science, 2114 HH Dow
Bloch, Anthony 734-647-4980 Dept. of Mathematics, 4842 East Hall
Adams, Fred 734-647-4320 Dept. of Physics, 3251 Randall Lab
Nori, Franco Dept. of Physics, UM and RIKEN, Japan
Whitaker, John 734-763-1324 Dept. of El. Eng. & Comp. Science, 232 ERB II
Heinz, Tony  650-723-1810 Dept. of Applied Physics, Stanford
Marks, Tobin  847-491-5658 Dept. of Chemistry, NWU
Ratner, Mark  847-491-5652 Dept. of Chemistry, NWU
Van Stryland, Eric  407-823-6966 College of Optics, UCF
Hagan, David  407-823-6817 College of Optics, UCF

Research Fellows

Name Email Affiliation
Anisimov, Petr Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bliokh, Konstantin RIKEN, Interdisciplinary Theoretical Science Research Group
Chakrabarty, Ayan Washington University, Computer Science & Engineering
Dudnik, Alexander Northwestern University, Chemistry
Kwon, Min Sang University of Michigan, Materials Science & Engineering
Chandrahalim, Hengky University of Michigan, Biomedical Engineering
Fisher, Alexander Intel
Trinh, Tuan University of Michigan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Makhal, Krishnandu University of Michigan, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Students – Graduate

Name Email Affiliation
Dreyer, Elizabeth University of Michigan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fisher, Alexander University of Michigan, Applied Physics
Smith, Bradley University of Michigan, Applied Physics
Shanker, Apoorv University of Michigan, Materials Science & Engineering
Pan, David University of Michigan, Materials Science & Engineering
Odykirk, Timothy University of Michigan, Materials Science & Engineering
Gupta, Rohit University of Michigan, Mathematics
Razavi, Hamed University of Michigan, Mathematics
Lou, Alexander Northwestern University, Chemistry
Li, Yilei Columbia University, Physics
Shih, En-Min Columbia University, Physics
Cheng, Long University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering
Benis, Sepehr University of Central Florida, CREOL

Students – Undergraduate

Chapman, James University of Michigan, Engineering
Trembath-Reichert, Stephen University of Michigan, Alumni
Stagg, Logan
Knill, Joshua University of Michigan, Physics
Ravan, Shantam University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering