Industrial Partnerships

The MURI Center for Dynamic Magneto-Optics is a close collaboration of universities with expertise in nonlinear and ultrafast optical science and materials synthesis, as outlined below.  The Center encourages corporate participation and international collaborations to support the objectives of DYNAMO in the areas of renewable energy, the generation of terahertz radiation in unbiased insulators and the production of high-frequency magnetic fields that are both intense and spatially- and temporally-programmable without the use of physical structures (such as current-carrying coils).  The Center is receptive to the involvement of the international scientific community through collaborations with our key investigators.


International research partnerships began to contribute to the objectives of DYNAMO as early as Fall 2013.  Existing collaborations involve the following researchers:

B. Ivanov

K. Bliokh


Advanced Fiber Sensors, Inc. – Dr. Kyoung Yang, President